Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another amazing weekend at home

Last weekend I went camping at Lake Nacemiento. Jenni was doing her fourth (? maybe fifth) Olympic Triathlon and her husband was doing a sprint triathlon and ended up being the Tri Legend of the weekend. One mile into his biking his gear shift malfunctioned and the back wheel wouldn't turn. Jon had to carry his bike ON HIS BACK for the 10 miles. Then, of course, he still had to run and play in TWO shows that night. INSANE! Jon is also in a band that played three shows at the Triathlon. They ROCKED! Little Heroes woo hoo!! Jenni completely ROCKED her tri. Her swim was in 25 minutes and her 10k under 51 minutes!! ROCKED IT!!!

I also had the wonderful opportunity of seeing Angela before and after the camp out. We went vintage shopping and found a couple goodies. Fun was had, memories were made. Shiny blue orbs.

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Jenni and Jon said...

GREAT GREAT weekend but why did you have to put up that cap/wetsuit picture. I look like a black sausage. :) Love you!