Sunday, June 20, 2010

Missing Kelly

With two of my favorite people coming into town this weekend it is hard to not think about the third that has to stay behind this time. You are missed my dear.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Never Mind

by Dorothea Tanning

Never mind the pins

And needles I am on.

Let all the other instruments

Of torture have their way.

While air-conditioners

Froze my coffee

I caught the toaster

Eating my toast.

Did I press the right

Buttons on all these

Buttonless surfaces,

Daring me to press them?

Did you gasp on seeing what

The mailman just brought?

Will the fellow I saw pedalling

Across the bridge live long

After losing his left leg,

His penis, and his bike

To fearlessness?

Will his sad wife find

Consolation with the

Computer wizard called in

Last year to deal with glitches?

Did you defuse the boys’

Bomb before your house

Was under water, same

As everything else?

My sister grabbed her

Silver hand mirror

Before floating away.

The dog yelped constantly,

Tipping our canoe.

Silly dog.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My fancy grandma

A Name for All


Moonmoth and grasshopper that flee our page
And still wing on, untarnished of the name
We pinion to your bodies to assuage
Our envy of your freedom—we must maim

Because we are usurpers, and chagrined—
And take the wing and scar it in the hand.
Names we have, even, to clap on the wind;
But we must die, as you, to understand.

I dreamed that all men dropped their names, and sang
As only they can praise, who build their days
With fin and hoof, with wing and sweetened fang
Struck free and holy in one Name always.

My grandma is gone. It isn't completely real yet. I wear her necklace that I tell myself still smells like her. I have her picture on her built in bookshelves that she wanted back. She still surrounds me even after she has gone. "Oh precious angel, you know I love you."

Sunday, November 1, 2009



Harvey doesn't laugh about how I stay short while everybody grows.
Harvey remembers I like jellybeans - except black.
Harvey lends me shirts I don't have to give back.
I'm scared of ghosts and only Harvey knows.

Harvey thinks I will when I say someday I will marry Margie Rose.
Harvey shares his lemonade - sip for sip.
He whispers "zip" when I forget to zip.
He swears I don't have funny-looking toes.

Harvey calls me up when I'm in bed with a sore throat and runny nose.
Harvey says I'm nice 0 but not too nice.
And if there is a train to Paradise,
I won't get on it unless Harvey goes.

-Judith Viorst

I call my best Harvey and have for years because of this poem. She is now in London and very very far away for a long time and I miss her.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Grouch is Exasperated

Every week I check my local listings hoping for a good show. Desperately hoping for someone I enjoy to come to my town and every week I'm disappointed ... until two weeks ago. Gary Jules and Cat Power were coming. My town was going to FINALLY have someone I LOVED. and then I realized I was going to be gone. I never leave town. Ever. and I was going to be gone for Cat Power. Gary Jules was playing on a Wednesday. Making it to a mid-week concert was looking hopeful until plans fell through. So here I sit while Gary Jules plays, exasperated.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Anyone who knows me knows my affection, admiration and respect for this brilliant man. The fact that the world will not be graced with any more words from him grieves me to no end. David Foster Wallace, you brilliant brilliant man.