Sunday, November 1, 2009



Harvey doesn't laugh about how I stay short while everybody grows.
Harvey remembers I like jellybeans - except black.
Harvey lends me shirts I don't have to give back.
I'm scared of ghosts and only Harvey knows.

Harvey thinks I will when I say someday I will marry Margie Rose.
Harvey shares his lemonade - sip for sip.
He whispers "zip" when I forget to zip.
He swears I don't have funny-looking toes.

Harvey calls me up when I'm in bed with a sore throat and runny nose.
Harvey says I'm nice 0 but not too nice.
And if there is a train to Paradise,
I won't get on it unless Harvey goes.

-Judith Viorst

I call my best Harvey and have for years because of this poem. She is now in London and very very far away for a long time and I miss her.

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