Monday, June 2, 2008

Mama's So Proud

It has come to a point where my kids ask me "is this healthy for me?" with every meal. They look at me with hopeful anticipation knowing that if the answer comes back positive then they can eat and eat and mommy will be happy. But if the answer comes back in the negative they are crushed because they KNOW that they will never see that tasty delight enter our home and the look on their faces is pure disappointment.

"Oh, so Oreo's aren't good for you?" "Can I have some more fruit leather?" As Carter has stated "You're raising geeks, Michelle. Nerdy kids". Yes, yes I am. Know-it-all, brainy, healthy, active, kids who love books, vegetables, and soy milk. It is my quest.

and as the video shows... I am one step closer. :) Happy mom am I.

p.s. this was ALL his idea. No persuasion on my part at all. Promise.

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