Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's a challenge

I have a no TV rule (for the kids) so finding things to do during the day can be a challenge. It's an even bigger challenge when it's cold and snowy outside. Crafts, games, toys, coloring, books, books on tape and whatever we can think of. We made necklaces (Maren wanted to make one for each of her princess dresses) and shrinky dinks. We color and we have fun. It's a challenge but we have fun.


Sara said...

You amaze me Michelle. I need to do better with finding creative things to do with the kids. It may be a challenge for you, but you do it so well!

Aimee said...

We also have a no tv rule, but I am not as nice as you are! I just make them find things to do on their own.

Shannon said...

i remember when before you had kids how many books you had, i can't even imagine how many you own now! i love taking my kids to the library, i love even more that there are no late fees!

Michelle said...

No late fees?? How? and yes shan the books have over taken the house.

Chari said...

Ahhhhh! I FOUND you! I love it! Maren has grown up! Isaac's eyes are still jumping out of the page!
Danielle called & she just started a blog...hooray! Now I will recognize you all when I see you again! :)
NO T.V. Rule.....sooo good! My OB doctor is sending his 5th missionary out & I asked him the "secret" to his families straight and narrow, he said, "no tv".
Jon would die without ESPN!
Ok, Did you go to Joshua Radin a few weeks ago in SAlt Lake at the venue? Ingrid Michaelson opened. Jon went with his friend cause I didn't have anyone to go with! I'll call you next time!
Love yoU!!!!

Anonymous said...

(this name belongs to Liz Hardy, by the way) Wow Michelle! I didn't know you had that rule (and Aimee too)! I'm so pleased! That's how I raised kids too - yes, I admit there were times when the thought of plopping them down in front of something (anything!) sounded heavenly, but I'm so glad we stuck to it! Three cheers, what great memories you are creating all the way around!!! Keep it up!